Kitchen Garden Paragraph in English

Kitchen garden Paragraph in English
Kitchen garden Paragraph in English

Kitchen Garden paragraph: Kitchen garden is a place where fruits, vegetables and herbs are cultivated. We have a kitchen garden. We grow vegetables, fruits etc. there. The garden is situated at the backyard of our house. Working in the garden is a pastime for me. The garden is not big but it is very useful for us. The garden provides us with the required vegetables of our family. We grow there pumpkins, lau, tomato etc. Besides we grow there cabbage, cauli flowers and lettuces etc.

Everyone of us visits the garden at different times of the day. When we go there, our mind gets fresh visiting that place. Moreover the lush green vegetables beautify our house. I work in the garden early in the morning and in the afternoon. There are some flower plants in the garden. Of the flowers, marigold looks the best. It is a seasonal flower. We plant usually the seasonal flowers in the garden. So the kitchen garden not only beautifies our house but also provides us with the much required vegetables. We also sell some vegetables in the local market, which we don’t require.

Paragraph on Kitchen Garden 2:

Kitchen garden is a part of a garden or yard where we grow vegetables and fruits for Our own use. We have a nice kitchen garden in our residence. It is in the west side of our yard. It is 20 metres long and 10 metres wide. We grow mostly vegetables in it. Besides, there are some, kazi-payara plants (a special kind of guava) in our kitchen garden that produce a lot of guavas for our family. I like to work in our kitchen garden very much. In the morning and in the afternoon I work in it. Obviously it is not an easy job. But when I look at the fresh vegetables of our garden, all my hard works vanish in an instant . My heart leaps up in joy. The garden supplies almost all necessary vegetables to our family all the year round. Besides, we get many fresh guavas from it . Thus the garden helps our family a lot. I think every family should have a kitchen garden because it helps covering the huge malnutrition a lot.