Importance of travelling paragraph

Importance of travelling paragraph
Importance of travelling paragraph

Write a paragraph on Importance of travelling in about 150 words based on the following questions. Your importance of travelling paragraph answers to the questions should give as much details as possible.
(a) How is travelling a part of education?
(b) How is it a kind of pastime or leisure?
(c) Where and when do people generally travel?
(d) What are the purposes of travelling?

Importance of travelling paragraph : Travelling is a part of education. When we read a book about anything, we can only imagine or visualize. But when we travel, we see the things with our own eyes and experience it practically. So travelling is a practical education. It is not only an education but also a pleasure. In this sense travelling is a kind of pastime or leisure period.

When people become dull or monotonous with their daily routine activities, they make a plan to travel to a place where they can get pleasure, education and experience. In foreign education, travelling is compulsory. Most of the Europeans spend a lot of money in travel purpose. People travel into different places which are historically important, naturally beautiful or famous for wonderful creations. But people all over the world do not travel in the same time.

For example, in our country we mostly like to travel in the winter season. On the other hand, in cold countries people like to travel in autumn season. The purpose of travelling is different. For example, some people travel just only for pleasure and relaxation; some people travel for collecting information and include it into diary, some people travel to know the people their habits, customs and foods. some people travel to see and explore.

Some people travel to discover the unknown, some people only like to travel to hills, some like to travel to sea, some like to travel to natural beauties , some like to travel to ancient places etc. Thus all types of people all over the world, more or less, are involved into traveling.

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