Importance of education paragraph for students

 Importance of education paragraph
Importance of education paragraph

Write a paragraph about Importance of education in about 150 words based on the following questions. Your importance of education paragraph should give answers to the questions as much details as possible:
(a) What is education?
(b) How does the light of education help us?
(c) How is illiteracy a curse?
(d) How can we be truly educated?
(e) How is the condition of Education in our country?

Importance of education paragraph : Education is the formal way of learning from an institution. The institutions are the schools, colleges, universities, madrasas etc where students are imparted education as per some specific curriculum. Education removes the darkness of illiteracy, ignorance and superstitions from the individual as well as from the society. Without education no nation can develop and keep pace with the advancement of civilization.

Education is a systematic process of preparing an individual to acquire knowledge, values, customs, practical skills and so on. Its aim is to create complete citizens for serving their families and the nation. To explain the importance of education, our Prophet (Sm) said, “One literate non-believer is better than ten illiterate believers”.

Education is called the backbone of a nation. Without it people fall behind in every sphere of life. Although much progress has been achieved in our country in the field of education, time has come to bring modification in the curriculum as per the demand of time.

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