Importance of clean energy paragraph for students

Importance of clean energy paragraph
Importance of clean energy paragraph

Importance of clean energy paragraph : This energy also takes other names such as green energy, geothermal energy, hydro-power, wave energy, solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy.

Whatever name clean energy takes, we cannot ignore the importance of clean energy. The use of clean energy causes minimal environmental pollution whereas there lies fewer health complications. On the other hand, the use of non-renewable energy that is mainly produced by burning fossil fuels brings about numerous problems in the natural environment as well as in human life.

Among them, greenhouse effect is a major concern for the world people. As a result of the effect of greenhouse, the world losing its natural balance is being affected with natural disaster‘s like tsunami, flood, earthquake, cyclones, etc. In addition the public health is at grave risk because people are being attacked with numerous unknown incurable diseases.

Consequently the rate of death is now on the increase in some parts of the world. Only the use of clean energy can be an unquestionable solution to these natural disasters and a number of nuisance of human life. Since clean energy is renewable, there is energy security for the users. It tends to be efficient. Because people can purchase clean energy at a cheap rate. Moreover, it is available all over the world.

So, obviously availability of reliable sources of clean energy will spur economic growth. Finally, it is said that in a bid to meet the challenges of the modern world, there Is an extreme need to use clean energy that is reliable and will not destroy our living planet.