Health is wealth paragraph in English

Health is wealth paragraph
Health is wealth paragraph

write a paragraph On Health is Wealth . Your Health is wealth paragraph should include the answers to the following question.
(a) Why health is wealth?
(b) How is life to a healthy man?
(c) Who is always in a bad temper?
(d) What should we do a preserve good health?
(e) How is life to a man of ill health?
(f) How can good health be affected?

Health is Wealth paragraph : Health is the most precious possession in the life of a person. A proverb goes like this, ” A healthy man is a wealthy man.” Sound health is the precondition of prosperity and happiness in life. No man can enjoy life without sound health. Good health and happiness go together. Life to a healthy man is very enjoyable and pleasant. He can work hard and earn much. And he becomes prosperous and happy.

On the other hand an unhealthy man can’t enjoy his life happily and he is always in a bad temper. He gets irritated easily and shows his anger intensely. However to be healthy we Must grow up in a balanced way. And to preserve good health we have to eat a balanced diet, drink clean water, take fresh air, rest properly and take physical exercise regularly. To keep fit mental health we have to control our emotions and have to be patient and also its respect other person ‘s feelings and rights.

Good health brings happiness and joy. But life to a man of ill health is boring and unbearable. Even it seems to an unhealthy man that death is preferable to life. Also good health can be affected if proper case of health is not taken and the rules of health are not followed. So we should take care of our health.

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