Gardening paragraph for all class student

gardening paragraph

Write a paragraph on Gardening in about 100-150 words based on the following questions. Your Gardening paragraph should give answers to the questions as much details as possible :
(a) What does gardening mean?
(b) What are the classification of gardens?
(c) What should a man or woman do for gardening?
(d) What happens to a gardener when flowers bloom?
(e) Why should everyone make a garden?

Gardening paragraph : Gardening means working in a piece of land close to one’s house where one can grow flowers, vegetables, fruits etc. Many people have the hobby of gardening. Many young and old people are fond of gardening. Everyone can make a garden in the vacant places near his house. Gardens are of many kinds. A garden may be a flower garden or a vegetable garden. A person must have liking for making a garden. To make a garden one has to work hard. He has to collect seeds or saplings. Every morning and afternoon he has to give water in the plants, loosen the soil and use pesticides when the plants are attacked by insects.

A flower garden gives one the greatest pleasure. When various flowers bloom, the gardener’s joy knows no bounds. A vegetable garden helps a man financially. Gardening gives a man ever joy. Everyone should make a garden for pleasure.

Gardening Paragraph in English 2:

Gardening is a joyful personal occupation or a hobby . It can also be a part of domestic farming for purely aesthetic reasons. Those who are fond of nature only get pleasure in garden. To work in a garden and spend sometime among green plants , trees and beautiful flowers is like spending sometime with nature. Gardening brings a man closer to nature. it increases a man’s love for beauty. it offers peace of mind also. It is a source of pleasure and profit. it grows flower plants of various kinds. And when a garden is in full blossom it Presents a wonderful sight. Both colour and perfume fill the atmosphere. When a person works In the garden, he gets a good deal of physical exercise. A physical exercise keeps body fit. The natural beauty of a garden keeps mind in joy. There are many kinds of gardens. Such as kitchen gardens, fruit gardens, botanical gardens and zoological gardens. Gardening is very important for our country. Garden means trees and flowers. Trees are very essential for human existence. Besides, a garden is not only a source of beauty but also a source of income. It is better than any other hobbies.

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