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Food Adulteration paragraph for All class student

food adulteration paragraph
food adulteration paragraph

Write a paragraph on Food Adulteration answering the following questions. Your answer should give as much detail as possible.
(a) What is an adulterant?
(b) What is food adulteration?
(c) What is the reason behind adulterating food?
(d) Who adulterates food?
(e) Which food are being adulterated?
(f) What is the effect of consuming adulterated food?
(g) What is the role of the government in this regard?

Food Adulteration paragraph: Any ingredient or substance added to a food item in order to increase its quantity, preserve it for a long time or make it appealing is called an adulterant. This act of addition of adulterants in food items is known as food adulteration. The chief reason for the addition of these adulterants is to increase the profit margin at the cost of the health of the general public or consumers. It is an awful offence committed by the greedy businessmen. Even, in hotels and restaurants, stale and rotten food is mixed with fresh food and served to the customers.

Fishes and vegetables are adulterated by applying chemicals and other preservatives in order to make them look fresh. In fact, all kinds of food and food articles are adulterated by dishonest and greedy businessmen for a quick and larger profit. Adulterants reduce the quality of the food and damage the health of the consumers.

Regular consumption of adulterated food can lead to vital health problems. Different reports show that adulterated food are causing serious diseases including diarrhoea, dysentery, diabetes, cancer, heart attack, brain stroke, etc. round the year. The government has set mobile courts to detect and punish the dishonest people. Although such steps have been taken to prevent food adulteration, these are not sufficient at all.

In fact, it is not possible for the government to solve food adulteration problem all alone. Public awareness should be created so thst people stop buying adulterated food and food articles. We should raise our voice against food adulteration and prevent it so that the present and the future generation may remain safe and sound.

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