First aid paragraph for all class students

Paragraph on first aid
Paragraph on first aid

write a paragraph on “First aid”. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following question.
(a) What is first aid?
(b) Why is first aid necessary?
(c) Whom is first aid given?
(d) What is the procedure of first aid?
(e) What are the different types of first aid?

First aid paragraph : First aid is given to an injured person before a doctor comes or the person concerned is taken to a doctor. We all should have some knowledge of first aid. First aid is mainly given to a victim of an accident, a fire burnt person, a drowned person, an electrocuted person, a victim of broken injury and a victim of cut injury.

First aid involves the use of antiseptic, antibiotic medication and some immediate steps. it is given to the person concerned as soon as possible. First aid is also needed for a patient of heart attack.

But without having good knowledge of different kinds of first aid we should not administer any first aid. First aid is very essential to save one’s life. In many cases it happens proper first aid can save a man’s life. An electrocuted person should be taken away from the electric contact immediately and carefully. Similarly a drowned person should be taken out of water and the water from his stomach should be squeezed out. The nature of first aid is different for different kinds of injury and accidents.

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