Causes of students failure in English paragraph

Causes of students failure in English paragraph
Causes of students failure in English paragraph

Write a paragraph about ‘Causes of Students Failure in English‘by answering the question.
a) Is there any particular cause of students failure in English?
b) What are the causes behind failure in English?
c) What should a teacher do to solve the problem?
d) What should be the responsibility of a student in this connection?
e) Is there any responsibility of the govt. to solve the problem?

Causes of Students Failure in English : English is the language of the modern world. So, everybody realizes the dire need of English. The government as well as the concerned authorities has given more importance on learning English. But it is very shocking to note that many students fail in English in our public exams. There are some obvious reasons behind this failure. Most of the students are unnecessarily afraid of English. They tend to memorize answers without understanding. Consequently they find no interest in English.

The teachers also fail to grow student’s interest in the language. Above all, the exam questions do not reflect the communicative approach of English. All these result in a tremendous failure of the students. This is, infact, a critical situation for our country. In such a situation, our teachers of English should be aware of their responsibilities. They should try their best to make lessons interesting. They should engage students in different language learning activities.

The students also should use English more and more in communicating with others. In this way they will be able to develop their skill . They must not hesitate about making mistakes while communicating in English. On the other hand, the government as well as the concerned authority should take concerted efforts to improve the overall situation of English in our country.

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