Bangladeshi culture paragraph for students

Bangladeshi culture paragraph
Bangladeshi culture paragraph

Write a paragraph about ‘Bangladeshi Culture‘. your Bangladeshi culture paragraph should be written by answering the questions below.
a) What do you mean by culture?
b) How a society’s culture is made up?
Or, What are the elements of our culture?
c) What is our eating habit and dress?
d) How is Bangladeshi culture being influenced?
e) Which songs are losing their appeal?
f) Which songs are our people fond of?
g) What are our traditional dress and food?

Bangladeshi Culture paragraph : Culture means the customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organization of a particular country or group. A society’s culture is made up of all its ideas and ways of behaving. Language, music, ideas about what is evil and good ways of working and playing, and the tools and other objects-all these are parts of a society’s culture. Every society is endowed with its own culture.

As a nation Bangladesh also have a culture of their own. We have our own language, music and social customs which build up our culture. We have songs based on rural and idyllic picture of life. We have folk songs and local jatra-pala. We have our own marital systems based on religious and social rules. We celebrate the Pahela Baishakh as the New Year Day. We have our food habit of taking rice and fish and we wear dresses like lungi, shirt for the males and sari and blouse for the females. We play our own games like Ha-du-du, Gollachut, Dariabanda, Bowchi, Kanamachi and many others.

However, though we are rich in our own culture, it is now the blending of cultures of other countries especially of India and western countries. This new culture is dish antenna culture which is gradually engulfing the old tradition and culture of our country.

Nowadays people are no longer fond of folk songs or idyllic songs. They are more interested in Hindi and English music. Marital systems and celebrations have also been made short. Even in dress, people are influenced by cultures of other countries. In a word, now we see foreign cultures influencing our own culture.

Paragraph on Bangladeshi culture 2:

(a) What is culture?
(b) What is your idea about culture?
(c) How has Bangladeshi culture developed? (d) What is the main source of living of the people of Bangladesh?
(e) What are the positive sides of Bangladeshi culture?

Paragraph on Bangladeshi culture : Culture is the way we lead our life. Culture is the activities done throughout a day. Bangladeshi culture is very rich and ancient. Our culture has evolved through the process of give and take. But Bangladeshi culture has not lost its individual identity. Bangladesh is still an agricultural country. Bandadeshis are traditionally hospitable and simple minded. They are never unwilling-to entertain a guest even he is passing through hardship.

Bangladeshis are friendly and sympathetic. They have a very high regard for friendship. Since most of the people of the country are still illiterate, they are devoid of artificiality and sophistication. Polygamy was the common form of marriage but now most people seem to realise that monogamous life is better than polygamous system. But in the country still families are large because many families still believe in living jointly. The educated modern Bangladeshis now prefer monogamous family. Around 30% of the total population live in the cities and towns. Our economic life is very slow since we have still an agricultural economy. But the process of industrialisation has started very slowly.

But the Bangladeshis have a rich tradition of handicraft and cottage industries. The traditional songs like jari, shari, marefati, murshidi, bhawaia palligiti and folk songs were in great demand in Bangladesh. But now western music and culture have inevitable influence on the Bangladeshis. Band and pop music is getting popular in our country. Now the modern Band song is sung in western melody. TV has become the major source of entertainment.

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