Awareness Paragraph for all class student

awareness paragraph
Awareness paragraph

Paragraph on awareness : The term ‘awareness’ means having knowledge or realization. It means consciousness also. We need awareness in every stage of our life. We can derive many benefits from awareness. If we have awareness, we can be prudent and reasonable to get over some problems in our day-to-day life. If we want to avert any mishap or accident, we must have awareness. The absence of awareness invites some inevitable problems in our daily life. We fall victim to untoward incidents or accidents.

For instance, while moving to new locations, we should study well the situation prevailing there. If an steamer or launch is overloaded, we should avoid such Steamers or launches. The same is the case with bus or train. If we don’t have awareness and move to a place closing our eyes, we are sure to fall into mishaps.

To my mind, the people of our country are not aware enough while doing their work. Especially in their movement from one place to another, they are still not aware of the reality of circumstances. Students are not aware of their studies. So, they often cannot fare well in the examination.Teachers are not aware of their teaching aids and lesson plans. So, they can hardly attract the minds of the learners.

We can enhance the awareness of our people of our country by imparting education to the illiterate people, by motivating them about the negative outcome of each and every activity in our day-to-day life. If the people become well aware, no incident or mishap will happen or if happens the loss may be reduced to a great extent.

Author: @reduan