An ideal leader paragraph for students

An ideal leader paragraph
An ideal leader paragraph

An Ideal Leader paragraph : A person who leads a group of people, especially the head of a Country or an organization is called a leader. Ideal leaders are always loved by their people. To become a leader, one needs to have some qualities. Among them, sacrifice is the most important. An ideal leader is always ready to make any kind of sacrifice for the betterment of  his people.

The next quality which I think important to be an ideal leader is truthfulness. By doing and acting truthfully, a leader can take permanent seat in the minds of his people. An ideal leader of course avoid telling lies. The other qualities which needs very much to be an ideal leader are honesty, courage, personality etc.

But it is  matter of regret that a very few of the present leaders have all the qualities because most of them are selfish and hypocrate. As a result there are some anarchies in our society. A good leader should be apologized  for his wrongs and should  condone  the power of leadership. But the present leaders never admit Their  misdeeds  and are not willing to sacrifice themselves for well-being of the people.

Every leader should keep in mind that “To err is human” and his followers are his main power. If they are active enough and can handle problems strongly, they can lead their  people properly and love them honestly. Then they will be able to take a permanent seat in the minds of their people.

Paragraph about an ideal leader written by answering the questions Below.
a) who is a leader?
b) what qualities do you expect in the character of a good leader?
c) Have you noticed them in our present leaders?
d) what should a good leader keep in mind?
e) How can a leader win a permanent place in the minds of his people?

well written paragraph on an ideal leader


nicely written paragraph about an ideal leader. its really helpful. thanks guys. 

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