A winter morning Paragraph for All class students 5 to 12

a winter morning paragraph
A winter morning paragraph

Write a paragraph about ‘A Winter Morning‘ by answering the questions below.

(a)What are the characteristics of a winter morning?
(b)What do people do in a winter morning? (c) How do people feel in a winter morning? (d) What are the special items of food for a winter morning?

A winter morning paragraph: A winter morning has some characteristics which make it different from a morning of any other season. It goes without saying that a in morning is cold. Sometimes, in winter dense holds the early hours of a day. In such a foggy winter morning things at little distance of few yards can not be seen. In winter morning people feel cozy,tucked up in Quilt or blanket .

We, some times, get up late in winter morning to elude the biting cold. Poor people, in winter morning, are seen to sit around a makeshift fire made of straw and dead leaves . When the morning sun peeps, the dew drops On leaves and grass look like pearls. People and creatures start coming out of their den . People are also seen to bask  in the sun. In winter morning payesh made of date juice and rice is a delicious dish.

Above all, a winter morning in our country is tolerably cold in comparison with a winter morning of western countries. Our winter morning is a romantic experience for the rich and a suffering for the poor.

paragraph A winter morning  2:

a) How is a winter morning?
b) What do children and old people do at that time?
c) When do people get up?
d) How do animals feel?
e) What do farmers do?
f)What kinds of foods do people eat?
g) What happens when the sun goes up?

A Winter Morning: There are six seasons in our country. Winter is one of them. A winter morning is misty  and cold. It is pleasant to the rich but bitter  to the poor. There is dense fog everywhere. Sometimes the fog is so dense that the sun rays cannot r get through it. Everything looks hazy . Things at distance can hardly be seen. The sun seems to rise late. Children and old people are afraid of the pinching cold of the morning.

They get up from bed a bit later to evade cold of the early morning. Dew drops fall at night. When the morning sun peeps, they look like glittering gold on grasses and plants. The birds and beasts feel happy to see the rays of the sun. Farmers go to the fields with their cows and ploughs.They also take hooka in their hands. Children gather straw and make fires to warm themselves.

The old people bask in the sun. Some people come out to sell ‘date juice’ . People usually eat homemade cakes with date juice. The scene of the winter morning gradually vanishes as the day advances. The sun goes up, fog melts away and people go to their assigned duties.

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