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A Street hawker paragraph for students

A Street hawker paragraph
A Street hawker paragraph

Write a paragraph on ‘A Street Hawker‘ answering the following questions:
(a) Who is a street hawker?
(b) Where is a street hawker seen?
(c) What does he sell?
(d) How does he attract the attention of the customers?
(e) What sort of life does he lead?

A street hawker paragraph : The man who sells essential commodities walking from street to street is called a Street hawker. He brings with him various kinds of goods such as toys, bangles cosmetics, utensils, balloons of various colours and shapes. He also brings ready-made garments, fancy goods and things of domestic uses for women.

He generally buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. He carries his goods on head and sometimes in hand. in bundles, in a basket or in wheeled platform. He sells such peculiar items that children and women are easily attracted to his products. As a result, he can easily sell his products to them. He usually shouts at the top of his voice to draw the attention of the people who may buy things from him. Sometimes he wears a motley coat, a multi-coloured dress and a bangle of bells at the ankle. He usually sells cheap products at cheaper price.

As result, his profit is not very handsome although he sells a lot. Sometimes, his products are his own made. However, he lives from hand to mouth although he works very hard. It is because he earns a poor profit. Thus, a street hawker is a man of busy activity. He is a part and parcel of our daily life.

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