A stormy night paragraph for students

A stormy night paragraph
A stormy night paragraph

Write a paragraph about ‘A Stormy Night‘ by answering the questions Below.
a) What is a storm?
b) Have you ever experienced a stormy night?
c) When and how did it occur?
d) What damages did it cause?
e) What role did you play then?

A Stormy Night paragraph : A storm is a very bad weather with strong winds and rain. It is often accompanied by thunder and lightning. A stormy night is a fearful night. Recently I have experienced such a tremendous stormy night. It was the night of 14 April, 2019.

The whole sky was overcast with clouds. Rains poured in torrents. There were violent wind. Frequent thunderbolts frightened us all. Besides, we became almost blind at the flashes of lightning. Sometimes the violent wind was getting mild. But this was followed by blasts of a greater force. The violent storm lasted for over two hours. then we came out to observe the havoc of the storm. We found that many roofs of houses were blown away.

A lot of trees and plants were uprooted and big branches were broken down. Almost all the roads were blocked by uprooted trees and broken branches. A young lady and an old man died falling under an uprooted tree. Besides, a lot of persons were reported to be injured. In a word, we saw a scene of havoc all around.

I along with some of my friends started removing the uprooted trees and broken branches from the roads . Then we took the injured persons to the nearby hospital. We also helped the people to repair their houses. The experience of the violent storm was so terrific that i will never the forget it.

paragraph A stormy night 2:

(a) What is the nature of a stormy night?
(b) What happens during a stormy night?
(c) What do the people usually do on a stormy night?
(d) What are the effects of a stormy night?

A stormy night is certainly a nightmare for the victims. At a stormy night gusty wind starts blowing. It seems as if the natures were howling and would swoop on man in no time. The strong wind blows at a speed of forty miles to above 200 hundred miles per hour. The wind at a stormy night is accompanied by lightning and thunder. Usually the electric connection is blown off by wind. Such a stormy night is deadly dark.

The storm takes heavy toll on human property and lives. The muddy huts, tin shades are destroyed. People inside the huts may be injured or killed being buried under the roofs or heavy articles. When the trees break, the affected people remember the Almighty Who they believe, will and may relieve them. The victims pass a stormy night in the midst of tension and fear.

So a stormy night is always fearsome and unwelcome. Usually a stormy night leaves a scene of destruction and chaos. A stormy night sweeps away the old and creates an environment for everything new. Storm prone areas should be marked well and houses should be built strongly to survive the severity of storm.

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