Friday , January 22 2021

A school Magazine paragraph for students

A school Magazine paragraph
A school Magazine paragraph

A school Magazine paragraph : A magazine is a kind of printed book consisting of Various articles like poems, rhymes, short stories, dramas, Jokes etc. A school magazine is published from School. To Publish a school Magazine a magazine Committee should be formed first. ‘The committee Consists of nine members including three teachers and SIX students. The headmaster becomes the chief patron by virtue of his post.

He selects other two teachers, On Of them is an adviser and the other is a proof-reader. Students select Six members from them. Of the six elected Students one is an editor, two are assistant editors, two are business editors and one is an assistant Proof reader. There are Stories, essays, short plays, poems, jokes etc. in Bengali and English in a school Magazine. Both the students and the teachers take part in writing them.

The good ones are selected by the editors. The business editors go to different business concerns in the town and try to sell them space in the magazine for advertising their products. The committee has a fund made up of student’s fees known as ‘Magazine fees’. A school magazine encourages students to think and write for themselves. So every good and big School should publish a magazine every year.


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