A rickshaw puller paragraph for all class students

write a paragraph about “A rickshaw puller”. Your A rickshaw puller paragraph should include the answers to the following question.

A rickshaw puller paragraph
A rickshaw puller paragraph

(a) Who is a rickshaw puller?
(b) How long does he work every day?
(c) How tiresome is his job?
(d) How does he behave with the passengers?
(e) How much is his income?
(f) What is his social status?

A Rickshaw Puller paragraph : A rickshaw puller is a person who earns his bread by driving a rickshaw. Very often he drives the rickshaw of others as he does not have enough money to buy a rickshaw of his own. He is quite familiar both in cities and towns. Generally, he lives in a slum. Though he works hard from morning till late night. He leads a poor life. A rickshaw puller does not consider the condition of the weather. He works hard despite foul weather.

Sometimes there arises a dispute between him and the passenger for fare. If he falls sick, his family members fall in distress. All of them have to starve because he is the only earner of the family. He cannot enjoy peace and happiness. He also suffers from inferiority complex. His children cannot hope for a bright future.

Sometimes, some passengers behave roughly with him. But he does not have sufficient strength to tackle it. Some rickshaw pullers try to cheat the passengers, too. He takes rest here and there sitting on his rickshaw. On the whole, his life is full of sufferings. To support his family, he has to drive the rickshaw despite his sickness. In fact, he leads a poor and subhuman life.

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