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A Railway station
A Railway station paragraph

A railway station paragraph : A railway station is a  very important place for railway communication.it is a place where trains stop at and start from.the passengers of a train get into or get down from a train at a railway station . it has one or more red buildings. they are generally made of bricks.from a distance ,one can see the green  and red signals and red buildings of a station. it has several rooms.some of them are the waiting rooms for male and female passengers. there are a ticket counter ,a booking office for goods,the station master’s room ,some tea stalls,book stalls etc. the station master is all in all in a station . He is assisted by a number of other staffs ,railway police and guards. Here, many hawkers are found shouting the name of their goods and selling them .

Again  railway porters are found  looking for the passengers to carry their goods. in every railway station ,there are two or more railway lines. near the station , there are two signal posts with red and green signals. the point man maintain the signals. he also moves along the platform with red and green flags in his hand .just outside the station,there are stands for rickshaws, auto-rickshaws and other vehicles. before the arrival of a train , the passengers collect their tickets standing in a queue . when a train arrives , the station become busy and noisy. some passengers get into the  train and some passengers get down from it .when the train leaves station , the station becomes calm and quiet.

A railway station paragraph in English 2:

A railway station is the place where trains stop for a short while so that the passengers may get down from and get into them. It is usually a quiet place. But with the arrival of a train, it becomes a place of noise and busy activities. It has a platform which helps the railway passengers to detrain as well as entrain. There are rooms for the station master, a booking office, a ticket counter, restaurants and waiting rooms in a station. There are also book stalls and stationery shops here. Here newspapers, magazines, story books are available. Hawkers, porters and beggars are commonly seen in a railway station. Pickpockets and snatchers are found moving around the station to materialize their evil-purposes. Inspite of this a railway station  one of the invariables of modern civilization.

paragraph on A railway station 3 :

A railway station is the halting place for the trains. A train stops here to get on and get down for the passengers. A railway station is naturally situated on the busy place of activities. Whistles of the train, rattling sound of the engine and busy movement of the passengers are the main incidents of the station. Besides, booking of the goods, movement of the coolies, shouts of the hawkers and peddlers make the station hurry. There are the station masters office, the booking office, and other amenities to the passengers like waiting rooms, bathrooms and restaurants.

Passengers sometimes pass their time in the waiting rooms. The Junction station is busier than a normal station. When the train halts in the station the place becomes as noisy place. And when the train lefts the place of the station, it becomes quiet. A railway station may be compared with the world. The world Is the big station of life. Here, men come and go. We use the world like a railway station. The railway station is used only for getting on and getting down for the passengers and goods. Arrival and departure are the main function of the railway station.

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