A picnic paragraph for all class students

a picnic paragraph
A picnic paragraph

Read the following questions on ‘ A picnic ‘ and write a paragraph on it.
a) what is a picnic?
b) Have you ever gone to a picnic?
c) when did you go and who took you there?
d) what did you carry with you?
e) How did you enjoy it?
f) How long did you stay there?

A picnic paragraph : Picnic means a short trip taken for pleasure. it is an occasion when people take food and eat outdoors, especially in the country. Last winter after my final examination I had a picnic with my family. It was the first picnic of my life. So, I was very excited. My parents took me to the National park.

A micro was hired for the purpose. It was a long way. So we started early in the morning. We took some snacks, packet lunches, bananas and soft drinks.

We enjoyed the exquisite beauty of green fields and ever green trees of the National park. The scenery of the place was very charming and attractive and we had great fun. We ate chicken biriani for lunch. We took light snacks and tea at 5-30 pm. We stayed there for six hours and returned home at 8 pm. I shall never forget this day. It peeps in my memory with great pleasure.

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