A paragraph on Balanced diet for students

Paragraph on Balanced diet

Write a paragraph of 150 words on ‘A Balanced Diet‘. Your writing should address the following questions.
(a) What do you mean by a balanced diet?
(b) How does it help you?
(c) What should you eat and what should not?
(d) Why should you eat them?
(e) Why should you avoid some foods?

paragraph on Balanced diet : Balance diet means the food having a combination of all the essential nutrients. These essential food elements are protein, carbohydrate, fat, mineral salts, vitamins and water. These elements are essential for our good health. Fish, meat, milk, eggs, etc. give us protein which maintains our growth and physical structure. Carbohydrate gives us energy and produce heat in us. Fat helps create energy and heat in us. Dairy products and oil are a good source of fat.

Various types of vegetables and fruits provide us with vitamins and mineral salts. Vitamins and mineral salts are very important for our body. They help the body fight against diseases. So, we must take the foods having all these elements. We should not eat only one type of food.

We have to eat a good mix of foods according to the need of our body and must not eat excessive food. We must avoid the foods which are harmful to our body. At the same time we have to be careful in cooking the food, because excessive heat destroys some types of vitamins contained in food.

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