A nuclear family paragraph for students

A nuclear family paragraph
A nuclear family paragraph

Write a paragraph on Nuclear family in about 100-150 words based on the following questions. Your a nuclear family paragraph should give answers to the questions as much details as possible
(a) What is a nuclear family?
(b) Why is a nuclear family getting popular day by day?
(c) What are advantages of a nuclear family?
(d) What are the disadvantages of it?
(e) Do you think the society is following the right way?

A nuclear family paragraph : The family consisting of husband, wife and children is known as a nuclear family. A nuclear family is relatively calm and quiet in nature due to its limited members. Having less family responsibility the family head can pay much attention and time on career building efforts. Much attention and financial support can also be paid to meet all the demands of the family members.

The children of a nuclear family can study at home without any disturbance, can get adequate balanced diet and so on. But, the negative aspect of a nuclear family is that, its members become self-centered and less sympathetic to others. Sense of responsibility and sacrificial tendency is not exercised adequately among the children.

The, family life often becomes monotonous and boring. In case of emergency or family crisis the members feel helpless and suffer in anxiety and frustration. It is true that the facilities of a nuclear family are supportive to development of individual potentials, but the members of a nuclear family lack some humanitarian virtues. I think, practically the society is on the right way, but as a human being, it may harm to the bondage.

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