A Moonlit Night Paragraph for all class student

A moonlit night

A moonlit night paragraph

A Moonlit Night Paragraph: A moonlit night is one of the beautiful phenomena of nature. the moonlit night is in the middle of a lunar month. At  a moonlit  night A full moon rises in the east.A silvery light issues forth from her and floods the sky and the earth below. everything looks bathed in a soothing light and the earth seems enchanting .on a moonlit night the whole horizon appears to be white. the rays of the moon fall on the green paddy field and it seems like a large white paper .

the water of rivers , lakes , and ponds reflects the silvery light and creates an attractive silvery image . A moonlit night is enchanting and highly enjoyable.the nature wears the divine dress of beauty . looking at the full moon everybody  forgets his sorrows and problems . everybody enjoys the natural beauty of the moonlit night to his / her heart’s content. it is really enjoyable and pleasant . the beauty of  a moonlit night is beyond description .

Paragraph on A moonlit Night 2:

The night in which the moon shines brightly in the cloudless clear sky is generally known as moonlit night. A moonlit night is a great attraction to a beauty seeker. It offers a very splendid and charming view. It is a night of exquisite beauty and joy. In a moonlit night, the moon looks like a disk of silver. The moon bathes the world with her silvery light. The stars twinkle the whole night. Rivers, oceans, canals and ponds seem to laugh in the splendid moonlit night. The trees and creepers look bright and sparkling. The glitter in the garden like pearls . Birds come out of their nests and fly here and there. Beasts coming out of their dens run to and fro.

People of all aged feel pleasure in a moonlit night. They pass some hours in gossiping and telling story. It has a magical power of transporting us to a land of fairy and imagination. It arouses the poets of all languages to sing highly of a moonlit night. It loses the dullness of a night and thrills our heart. It is a great pleasure and source of recreation for the people. i enjoyed such a night so much that the memory of it will remain ever fresh in my heart.

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