A good teacher paragraph for students

A good teacher paragraph
A good teacher paragraph

A good teacher paragraph : A good teacher is he or she who teaches his or her Students perfectly and instructively. He is indispensable for any educational institution. A good teacher possesses the qualities of punctuality, honesty, generosity, sympathy etc. He must have a strong personality. His teaching syle is attractive and effective. He teaches his students like an enchanter.

Sometimes, he teaches his students like an actor. His presentation is lively and effective. He is a man of letters with profound knowledge in his subject. He makes the dull students underStand their lessons in the easiest method. His service is very important because he plays an active role to build up the nation. A good teacher teaches his students the value of good moral character because a good character is the best ornament of life. He looks upon his students as his sons.

A good teacher always encourages learning new things. He helps the students open their eyes to the new horizon of knowledge. His only thought is to guide the students into a proper way. He is popular with his students because of his good and attractive character. But in our country, the government is unable to satisfy him proper needs. A teacher is always deprived of many opportunities especially in villages.

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