A fisherman paragraph for all class student

A fisherman paragraph
A fisherman paragraph

Write a fisherman paragraph in about 100-150 words based on the following questions. Your A fisherman paragraph should give answers to the question as much details as possible.
(a) Who is a fisherman?
(b) Where does he live?
(c) How does he support his family?
(d) How does he pass his days?
(e) What should we do for them?

A fisherman / life of a fisherman paragraph : A fisherman is a person who catches fish and sells them in the market. A fisherman is a poor man and leads a very humble life. His life is hard and full of struggle. He usually lives by the side of a river, a canal, a haor or by the sea. He gets up early in the morning and goes on fishing for the whole day or at night.

A fisherman who goes to fish in the sea sometimes faces difficulty. If he goes into deep sea, he does not get the weather forecast because he does not have a radio for receiving message. When there is a cyclone or tidal bore he falls into danger and his family members pass their days in anxiety waiting for his safe return. But his return sometimes becomes very difficult.

When a fisherman does not go for fishing, he repairs his fishing net and boat. Many of them do net have not or boats of their own. They hire other’s net or boat. Government should provide him with loans on easy terms so that he can buy or repair his own nets and boats.

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