A farmer paragraph for students

A farmer paragraph
A farmer paragraph

write a paragraph about ‘A Farmer ‘ on the basis of the following questions
(a) Who is a farmer?
(b) Where does he live?
(c) What does he do?
(d) What are his daily activities?
(e) How does he lead his life?
(f) What is his role in national economy?
(g) Does he usually get enough to eat?
(h) Do you like a farmer’s work?
(i) How can we assist him?

A Farmer paragraph : A farmer is he who earns his living by farming. Generally, a farmer lives in a village. In our country a farmer is usually poor. Most often he has no land of his own. So, he cultivates the land of others. He leads a very poor life. He does not get enough food to eat.

Sometimes he has a little land. He gets Up early in the morning and goes to his land. He works hard on his land from dawn to dusk . Even he works in rain or sun. During harvest he is on his land till late hour at night. He works very hard to prepare the land for planting or sowing seeds. Most often a farmer is illiterate. He cannot apply the scientific method of cultivation on his land. The lot of a farmer depends on the whim of nature.

Sometimes Crops fail due to natural calamities like droughts and floods. Then the misery of a farmer beggars description. The driving force of our economy is agriculture. So his contribution to our national economy is great. I like the Work of a farmer very much. The government should do something to improve the condition of a farmer.

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