A day Labourer paragraph for all class student

A day Labourer paragraph
A day Labourer paragraph

A day labourer paragraph : A day labourer is he who earns his bread by the sweat of his brow. He may work as a sweeper, a blacksmith, a mason, a carpenter, a goldsmith, a peasant, and as earth digger. His service is most necessary for the country. A day labour is very poor. He has no fixed income. He gets wages if he can work.

During rainy days he finds no work and he has to starve along with his family. He produces crops by his labour. A day Labourer cleans dirty places and makes them habitable. He builds house, sky scrapers but he himself lives in slums. A day Labourer sets railway lines and builds highways. He works in the dockyard. A day Labourer helps making launches, steamers and barges.

He carries heavy loads of earth and digs canals. It is he who also works in ports. He works in mines. In this way he does many kinds of work to earn his livelihood. In our country the life of a day labour is full of uncertainty and tension. So everyone of us should try to improve the lot of these day labours.

A day labourer paragraph 2:

Write a paragraph about A day labourer or the life of a day labourer in 100-150 words based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much details as possible:
(a) Who is a day labourer?
(b) How does he live?
(c) What does he do everyday?
(d) How is his life?
(e) What are his joys and sufferings?
(f) How can his condition be improved?

A day labourer is a man who works for other’s for/against money. Doing daily payment basis work he survives his family. He is a very hard Working man. He has no definite job. Usually a day labourer lives in a slum or in a hut. He gets up very early in the morning and goes out in search of work. He continues his work till the sun sets. A day labourer works in an agricultural field, in construction site, in railway station, a bus terminal, a ferry ghat, launch terminal etc.

Though a day labourer is engaged in heavy manual work, he is always neglected and is looked down upon in our society. He has to struggle for his existence. A day labourer works under an employer. After a hard work for the whole day, he goes to the market to buy some rice and vegetables. Then he returns home, Food is cooked and he has his meal with the family. He earns his bread by the sweat of his brOw.

If he can not manage work on any day, he has to starve with his family. He does not know how to take rest. If he is ill, he does not get proper treatment. He cannot send his children to school. A day Labourer cannot buy good clothes. He is always ill-fed and ill-clad. When he becomes old and cannot work, he has to drag a miserable life.

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