Monday , April 12 2021

How to learn English paragraph for students

How to learn english paragraph
How to learn english paragraph

Write a paragraph about ‘How to Learn English‘ in 120-150 words.
a. What is the importance of learning English?
b. How can one learn English well?
c. Are the four skills of a language essential to learn English well?

How to Learn English paragraph : Learning English is very essential and important in our life because today English is an international language. Now it dominates over all the languages of the globe. In order to improve and learn English one has to develop four language skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing. All the skills are important and useful to acquire a language . To develop listening skill one must listen to the radio and TV programs and news in English regularly. One has to listen or enjoy meetings, seminars, debating discussions and programmes in English. In order to develop speaking skill, a student should speak with his teachers and classmates in English, participate in English debating competitions and speak loudly in English while he or she is alone. To develop reading skill, a learner should read English newspapers and magazines and English story books regularly. In order to develop writing skill, the learner should practice freehand writing on any topics. Besides, he or she has to learn more new words daily and the rules of grammar. If a learner practices in this regularly he or she can learn English well.